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Sonder & Memento Mori

“Memento mori”, literally reads as “remember you will die” in Latin. With the theme of memento mori, the skulls typically are used in works of art to remind people of their mortality. It doesn’t send the positive aspect of the skull.


This illustration series displays people’s daily lives; breaking a rule, making a decision, and causing an accident. These show sonder; the feeling of realizing that everyone's life is just as complicated and complex as your own.

My goal is to reverse the memento mori effect and let people know to live freely as their skeleton is living inside them. To allow them to be at ease and know that they can live their life without worrying too much over their death.

Sonder & Memento Mori
Smoking in No Smoking area
Grocery Shopping
Playing Wii
Sonder & Memento Mori
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